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Bulgaria on Horseback
*Next: May 2023*

Join us in Bulgaria for a wild shamanic adventure.  Through the rustic remains of soviet rule a horseback adventure through Bulgaria is an incredible journey through Europe's oldest country. 

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Romania on Horseback

Join us in the beautiful nature of Romania. The idyllic and quaint countryside living is more than just the birthplace of Dracula with its fresh springs

and wild foraging abound. 


Mongolia on Horsback

Join us for a transformational summer excursion.  The adventure and traditional nomadic wild of Mongolia is unparalleled by any other location on the planet.



Tell us where you want to travel and what adventure your seeking, we'll take care of the planning and bring in our signature 

connection and transformation workshops too!

Private Parties


Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual Team Building

Meet your inner leader and your community on a new level.  Upgrade your communication, team work and efficiency through the foundations of connection, presence and listening.

Human Pyramid

Authentic Team Building

Experience presence and deep connection with Self as you remember how to truly express your authenticity.  Share your honest self and create meaningful connection with your team.

Liquid Presence Water Dance and Massage, REX Conscious Adventure that Transforms

Liquid Presence Aquatic Dance

Explore your authentic movement and somatic communication through the foundations of listening and presence.  An exercise in creating deep trust, the principles taught here on boundaries and consent can be applied to all areas of life

Corporate Events


Female Developers

Personal Coaching

Empower and Transform your life. Coaching designed to fit your needs and align you with true empowerment

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