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MAY 13-25, 2023 - ELENA, BULGARIA

A 13 day Transformational Quest
into the Essence of your True Nature


Prioritizing Yourself Isn’t Always Easy…

 But the truth is you deserve time for you. A life with self-care and soul care.
Where the dream of a little time away from it all is a reality. Where you thrive in the fragrance of roses, human connection, and transformation.


Visualize it Now, an Invitation to Lead in Community...

You in the Freedom and Freshness of Nature, Happy as you...

✓   An intimate community of humans who mutually uplift and empower, love nature, embodiment, connection, play, adventure and exploration.​

✓   13 days of fun, relaxation, depth, connection and transformation

✓   7 days on horseback in Elena, Bulgaria

✓   3 nights at the Ecopark in Elena, Bulgaria

✓   2 nights in Rose Valley, Bulgaria: Harvesting Bulgarian Roses, 3 educational Rose workshops, and indulging in all things Rose

✓   Cumulative adventure filled with lived experience teachings, workshops and community building throughout. 

✓   Progressive journey where you not only come into deeper connection with yourself but the community as a whole as well.

✓   A balanced blend of expansion and integration in sharing/skill-building

✓   A magikal journey through lakes, waterfalls, spring fed water, Rose fields, mountains, lush greenery, and wild metacinal plants.

Give yourself the gift that will last a lifetime



 The Soul Connections Immersion Where Community, Adventure, and Nourishment Matter, Where you Matter.

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The Soul Connections Immersion invites you to reconnect with your deep sense of Self knowing and tender connection with the interpersonal and intrapersonal. 

We’ve created a once in a lifetime, deeply immersive experience that brings together nature, community connection, ritual, transformational growth practices and leadership empowerment.  Joined by our equine and plant teachers, you’ll journey deep into yourselves, your equine friends, nature and one another. 

Rhea Alexander and Stell Bahrami invite you for a transformational journey of the heart and soul.

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“I feel that all the personal development and positive focus helped a lot. Instead of being paralyzed by a fear of rejection and trying to please people with standard responses,  I was able to be myself and strongly feel that whatever the challenges, I'll (make) something great of it to benefit individuals, society and nature in a joyful and compassionate manner and build meaningful connections in the process.”

"I felt the combination of the ceremonies, heart share circles, the riding and time with the horses really opened up my heart and gave me the strength for transformation.”

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Immersive Experience:  We follow the foundation that every member of a community is a vital part of co-creating the experience.  In this authentic and transformational experience through nature and Self, we’ll join together in a co-supportive and nomadic community, traveling through the authentic Bulgarian countryside. 

Connection:  Deepen into your inner-sense of Self knowing, connection with others and connection with nature as you dive deep into the softening of your heart space in community.  Your most authentic expression is not only welcome but encouraged in presence and shared vulnerability.  Our focus is awareness, honesty and attunement to Self and one another as we meet one another and share in both victories and challenges with love and gratitude. 

Inner Personal Growth:  A journey into the depths of yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a wide range of heart teachings.  Together we will journey into the realms of herbalism, shamanism, tantra, esoterics, connection building, leadership, interpersonal growth, somatics, dance, embodiment, communication, a diverse grouping of equine knowledge/care/connection teachings and more.  We’ll work with conscious connection and communication with an emphasis placed on consent, attunement to boundaries and self-responsibility, as we co-create a community that welcomes all bodies, shapes, skin colors, ages, creeds, abilities and skill levels. 

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“You two showed me the tools to embrace my power and I am very grateful for that."

"The journey helped me a lot with accepting my weaknesses and being kind towards myself; the experiences I gathered and the mentality I picked up helped me deal with my fears."

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Idyllic Nature Overlooking Elena, Bulgaria

Ecopark Elena, a local women built & family owned eco farm & retreat center

What's Included

  • An experience of a lifetime

  • 7 days on horseback in the countryside of Bulgaria

  • Use of horseback riding tack and time with the horses 

  • Immersive Bulgarian culture and cuisine

  • Rose harvesting

  • Rose workshops

  • Herbal Medicinal Plants workshop: learn about medicinal local plants and making healing salves

  • Heartfelt horse connection and wisdom teachings

  • Immersive nature quest through fresh water springs, hills, mountains, meadows, waterfalls, lakes, Rose fields, and local villages

  • Herbalism teachings

  • Bulgarian - Spanish - English translations

  • Deep and meaningful connection

  • Leadership training

  • Equine assisted therapeutics

  • Conscious communication teachings

  • Plant communication skills

  • Yoga and meditations

  • Transformative tool sets for conscious connection

  • Temazcal ceremony

  • Obsidian Pipe ceremony

  • Plant metacine ceremony

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • Dance and contact improv

  • Conscious community building

  • Somatic communication practices

  • Empowerment practices

  • Soul engagement and connection

  • Embodiment practices

  • Shamanic, tantric, shibari, esoteric, and practical rituals

  • Fire circles

  • Post immersion community integration call

  • Lifelong heart connections and memories

  • Wild foraging

  • Locally grown meals cooked with love

*Some activities subject to change based on circumstances*

Not Included

  • Flight costs

  • Transportation to and from the Ecopark

  • Personal camping gear

  • Saddle bags

  • Personal riding gear (Breeches, boots, ½ chaps) (Helmets and crash vests are available to borrow)

  • Travel and medical insurance

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"They (RE-Kinnect) are people who are deeply caring. They were able to provide a space where I was comfortable to dig into topics I usually avoid."

"The journey was like a bath of nature power. You can plunge in or dip your toes but for sure you'll be touched by the flow."

horse, smile, helmet, hand, eyes, lips, forehead, riding, green, forest


How do I know this is for me?

You are reading all of this and feel excited, ready to connect, and lit up about the potential of joining us in this opportunity

You love the outdoors, connection, adventure and wish to take your relationship with Gaia to the next level

You are a nature lover, animal lover, practitioner, yogi, healer or you’re a human interested in new ways of expanding your soul connections

Expressing your vulnerability, authenticity, and bliss is something you value or want to strengthen

You’re open minded and love to explore new paths of The Sacred

You desire transformational experiences that uplift, recharge, and amplify your joy in life

You want to embody your authentic truth as a community member and leader with the support of family as you deepen into your heart forward confidence

You want a space to practice deeper attunement to Self and others

You want to activate the true leader within you

Your intuition tells you something powerful is possible and waiting for you

smile, hat, grin, eyes, camping, cooking, stove, green, grass, mountains

“They showed me that feelings are nothing I need to be ashamed of.”

“They taught me that sharing my opinion is valuable and will also be accepted."





  • We recommend staying at the Ecopark the night before the immersion begins

  • All local meals are provided during the dates of the immersion 

  • The first day is scheduled to acclimate yourselves with the horses and stay the night at the Ecopark in preparation for our nomadic adventure

  • The tenth and eleventh night with be at the Ecopark grounding into metacine work, temescal, and integration

  • We will be horseback riding and primitive camping from day 2 to day 8

  • On day 10 we’ll travel together to Rose Valley, where we’ll stay for 2 nights, transportation is included

  • Fresh food and camping gear will be transported to our campsite each day

  • 2 local guides will lead us on the trails of the horseback journey

  • The weather will be approximately 68 degrees F during the day and can drop down to 50 degrees F at night

  • Camping necessities: Strong tent with a rain fly, sleeping pad, sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 10 degrees F or less, warm backpacking clothes, rain gear including rain pants, hat, sunglasses

  • Showers: We will be blessed to shower in fresh, spring rivers and creeks during the horseback excursion. Hot showers are available at the Ecopark

  • Footwear: Riding boots and a pair of comfortable shoes

  • Horseback riding gear: Saddle bags, riding pants, ½ chaps

  • Travel and medical insurance is required

Meet Your Guides

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Hey I'm
Stell Bahrami

Leadership, Embodiment, & Empowerment Guide/Mentor

Stell Bahrami(They/Them) is the founder of RE-Kinnect, Liquid Presence Aquatic Dance and an Erot!c Empowerment Coach. Stell’s work focuses on connection, empowerment, authenticity and embodiment to guide you into deeper connection with yourself and others as your means for creating a more purpose filled and meaningful life. Whether it’s traveling as a group on horseback in countries like Mongolia, Romania or Bulgaria, in the water, in community, in relation, at work or in your personal life, Stell’s focus is in helping you reignite connection and act from your authentic empowerment and inner guidance systems.


Stell weaves together their work with conscious communication, leadership, team building, anthropology, energetic and physical restoration, kundalini yoga, meditation, t+ntra, k!nk, conscious D/s dynamics, contact improv, somatics, work with animals, and many other physical, mental and spiritual modalities to complement their offerings.  Whether it is mentoring reconnection to eros and confidence (personally or in relation), conscious leadership and use of power, or considerate connection in the water, nomadically on horseback, or through the power of rope, Stell guides you to reignite your authentic empowerment and reclaim sovereignty on your soul. 

Smile, hair, white dress, guide, instructor, nose, forehead, arms, tattoos, trees, green, live

Hey I'm
Rhea Alexander

Founder of GaiaTree and Rhea of Light Apothecary

Rhea (she/he) is a student of nature, holistic chef, transformational life coach, sacred plant immersion facilitator, vitalist herbalist, and world traveler who practices her teachings through self-discovery and cultivating harmony and balance by bridging the pathways of the mind-heart-gut connection in symbiotic relationship to the spirit and soul.


Her core studies evolve around vitalist herbalism, holistic nutrition, indigenous studies, core shamanism, integrative pharmacology, plant communication, dream work, transpersonal psychology, and medical astrology to harness a unique intuition and sensitivity that now humbly inspires, guides, and supports people to find their way of living their purposeFULL life from the heart that directly connects them to the teachings, healings, initiations, and transformations from Gaia.


She is here to be in service to the sacred shared heart of humanity and the soul of the Earth as we co-create a world that embodies harmony and peace within.

Energy Exchange

Early Bird EXTENDED! January 17th!

Early Bird Price: $2,800

Regular Price: $3,300

*Two BIPOC scholarships available for a discounted price, send us an email to apply*

Refer a friend for $150 off!

​To secure your space you will need to fill out an application form, then schedule a video call with Stell and Rhea

Upon acceptance you will need to pay in full or if you're needing a payment plant, then send a $1,000 non-refundable deposit via zelle, money order, or venmo.

Currently seeking 2 partial work traders: chef and photographer/videographer (ideally experienced with riding horses)

***Due to the intimacy of this container, only 10 spaces are available***

Don’t let overwhelm get to the point of depletion... 

Nourish yourself with the gift of The Soul Connections Immersion


“To accept, look and relate to culture and see things differently from my own; an experience like this was incredible"

"The two horse caravans I did with them were very exciting and beautiful experiences. Being out in nature with the horses, the workshops or just cooking on the fire all this makes me feel alive."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have no experience riding horses. Is this still for me?
    While direct experience with horses is not completely necessary it can be helpful. With that said, we do recommend taking a few riding lessons before joining us. A commitment to relaxation, bravery and building a trusting connection with your horse goes a long way. Our horses are accustomed to new riders and are very patient and caring. Additionally, three of our guides have extensive experience with training new and seasoned riders and will offer many practical lessons and support throughout the journey.
  • What is the weather like?
    The weather in Elena, Bulgaria in May ranges from 68-72 degrees F during the day and can drop down to 48 degrees F at night. It is partly cloudy about 50% of the time with an average of 30% chance of afternoon showers- usually between 1-3 pm, with an average of 10% humidity. The sun rises around 5:45 a.m and sets around 8:45 p.m giving us ample opportunity to explore the beauty of Bulgaria.
  • Are vaccines required to enter Bulgaria?
    You are not required to show proof of a COVID vaccine (or any other vaccine) or negative COVID test to enter into Bulgaria. US citizens are also not required to quarantine upon entry.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Bulgaria?
    You need to have a United States passport valid for at least 3 months after the expected date of departure with 1 blank page for entry/exit stamps to enter without a visa. You can stay for a maximum of 90 days with a valid passport. You will also need proof of a return plane ticket.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    We provide a detailed list of everything you will need to bring, but here are the basics: Headlamp & extra batteries Sturdy water bottle Rain jacket AND pants Eco-friendly soap/shampoo/conditioner Camping Clothes Hat Sunglasses Tent, sleeping pad, and warm sleeping bag Riding boots, riding pants and guide approved saddle bags A journal with extra pens
  • Can I have more information about Ecopark?
    For more information about Ecopark, you can visit their Facebook page here:
  • What airport do I fly into?
    There are four options for arriving at the Ecopark, we recommend the first Option #1 (RECOMMENDED) Take the bus from SOF to Bus Station South in Veliko Tarnovo (2.5-3 hours) then 1 hour taxi to Ecopark $25. Approximately 3-4 hours of travel time from the airport to Ecopark. *Bus schedule HERE* Option #2 Fly to Sofia Airport (SOF), then take a 6 minute subway ride to the Metropolitan Sofia transit center stop, ‘Iskarsko Shose’. From there take the Bulgarian Railways train for 3 hours 40 minutes to ’Tvarditsa’ and finish with an hour taxi to Ecopark Elena (approximately 5 hours 39 minutes of travel time from the airport to Ecopark). Option #3 Fly to Varna Airport (VAR), then take a taxi to the Varna Bus Station. Take the bus from Varna to Bus Station South in Veliko Tarnovo (2.5-3 hours) then 1 hour taxi to Ecopark $25. Approximately 3-4 hours of travel time from the airport to Ecopark. Option #4 Fly to Varna Airport (VAR), then take an 11 minute taxi to the Bulgarian Railways train stop, ‘Varna’. From there take the Bulgarian Railway train for 3 hours 10 minutes to ’Djulyunitsa’ and finish with an hour taxi to Ecopark Elena (approximately 5 hours 13 minutes of travel time from the airport to Ecopark). Ecopark Elena Ulitsa "Killazhevtsi 10 5070 Killazhovtsi Elena, Bulgaria
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    No refunds offered. Credit to a future event will be offered in the case of a positive pcr test within 7 days before the immersion or up to 72 hours in advance for emergencies. Credit will be valid for use within 60 days and will be split with 1/2 credit to RE-Kinnect and 1/2 credit to GaiaTree. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 USD is required to reserve your space. This can be paid via Zelle, direct deposit or credit card (with a 3% processing fee). Because of the intimacy of the container, if you need to cancel deposits are only refundable if we can fill your space. Investing in travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances is recommended. If you decide to depart early from the retreat, there will be no refunds or partial refunds given.

Ready to Join us?

Email us:
Or schedule a call to learn more!

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